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Photo: This was taken in 1969. This gentleman named Butch B. is wearing "the bucket" for the whole meeting and sitting in front of the members because he was issued a moving ticket that week. The club officer sitting at the desk is Dirk S. and he continues as a member today. The same is true of his Oakland Motorcycle Auxiliary Club member wife, Wilna. Take note of the pull-over wool OMC sweaters.

The Oakland Motorcycle Club was organized in 1907 and has been active since that time. We have members of all ages, and motorcycles of all makes and models. We host three public events each year, as follows:

The Three Bridge Run, an evening ride from the Club hall over the Bay Bridge to San Francisco, then over the Golden Gate Bridge to Marin County, and finally over the Richmond - San Rafael Bridge back to the Club Hall.

The Sheetiron Dual Sport run, which winds its way from Fouts Springs to Fort Bragg and back over two days, about three hundred miles of back country roads, dirt roads, and for the extra adventurous, single track trails.

The Jackhammer Enduro, a one hundred mile ride in the Mendocino National Forest out of Fouts Springs, California.

With all of our events, rain or shine, we have lots of fun. These pictures are verification and proof of that truth.

The OMC celebrated our 100th anniversery in 2007. The Club has members of all ages, and motorcycles of all makes and models. 100 years of lots of fun and friendship is a great thing to celebrate. Come join us. .

For more information regarding our club please contact us using this email. dan@oaklandmc.org. You can find our website at http://www.oaklandmc.org. You can call the clubhall at 510-534-6222. We invite you to check out our club meetings open to the public. For more information, check out our site.

For pictures taken by Dr. Extreme Inc., Bungee Brent, visit his site at http://www.bungeeb.fototime.com. He takes lots of pictures of our Jackhammer, Three Bridge and Sheetiron guests.

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